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Outpatient Treatment Services

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At Crosswinds Recovery, we know clients are more successful when they receive treatment tailored to their specific needs, that is responsive to their symptoms and supports their overall quality of life and well-being. That’s why we take a holistic approach to our client interactions so that they may achieve a life of long-term, meaningful recovery. We use a combination of innovative person-centered treatment with tried-and-true evidence-based clinical therapies to facilitate a progression of care and recovery.

Utilizing our integrative services and addiction treatment program, Crosswinds Recovery’s clients become equipped with tools that allow for  the major lifestyle changes necessary to maintain a life free from drugs and alcohol. Our program includes a comprehensive variety of specialized services for addiction treatment as well as co-occurring disorders designed to allow clients to feel safe, comfortable and confident about their future in recovery. 

What To Expect During
Outpatient Treatment

The idea of entering an outpatient treatment program can be difficult for some, so we try to make it as seamless as we can. Our clients can expect the following components to be involved with their outpatient treatment.


A comprehensive bio-psycho-social assessment and ASAM dimensional analysis, where appropriate, to help  determine the most clinically appropriate level of care for each client's individual needs. 

Individual Sessions

The goal for individual therapy is to explore personal factors impacting a client’s recovery in a private & therapeutic setting. It also provides the opportunity to explore how the skills learned in group can be applied specifically in the client’s life.


Group sessions allow clients the opportunity to communicate, share and process their thoughts, behaviors and experiences in a trusted and safe environment. Clients are supported while building positive connections with their peers and the wider recovery community.

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