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Crosswinds Recovery provides structured recovery housing and outpatient addiction treatment for individuals without regard to source of referral, race, color, creed, national origin, religion, gender identification, age or handicap.

Application Process

At Crosswinds Recovery we believe in a supportive and inclusive application process to facilitate individuals seeking support on their journey towards recovery. As part of this process, applicants will complete a Chemical Dependency Evaluation (CDE), which may either be obtained through an external agency or conducted on-site in collaboration with our dedicated team.

Initiating this process is as simple as reaching out to our admissions department via telephone or accessing our user-friendly online application. In addition to our recovery residences, Crosswinds offers a community outpatient program ensuring a holistic approach to recovery. We emphasize the importance of honesty and thoroughness in completing the application, as it enables us to tailor our support to meet the unique needs of each individual.


Furthermore, our commitment to accessibility is underscored by our willingness to provide assistance with paperwork at any stage of the application process. This ensures that all individuals, regardless of their circumstances, receive the support and guidance they deserve.


Our Programs

Recovery Housing

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Outpatient Services

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