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  • Any tips on filling out the application?
    Absolutely. First things first: be honest. We’ve seen it all, there’s no use in hiding anything. So if you did it, just admit it. Next, be thorough. We receive a lot of applications, so slow down, take your time, and put thought into your answers. Keep in mind, this is your chance to introduce yourself.
  • Is this a Department of Corrections program?
    No, Crosswinds is an independent agency founded and run by people with incarceration and substance abuse histories. We’ve been where you are, have made it out and want to help you do the same. While we are not a part of the Department of Corrections, or any government agency, we do communicate regularly with Probation and Parole and other support systems in the community to help ensure your continued success and to hold you accountable.
  • What does it cost to participate in your program?
    Crosswinds’ program fees are partially subsidized and based upon a graduated pay schedule where your first month is covered by Crosswinds. Program fees will not exceed $750 per month. The details of this will be discussed during the orientation process.
  • Do I have to sign a lease agreement?
    No, our clients are not tenants, and Crosswinds is not a landlord. We are a recovery program that provides various services to our clients, one of which is housing. Our clients are enrolled on a month-to-month basis.
  • What is expected of me at Crosswinds?
    In order to provide a therapeutic recovery environment we’ve set expectations for clients living in one of our structured Recovery Residences that include: personal conduct, nightly curfew, weekly house meetings, community recovery group engagement, house chores, drug/alcohol testing, no overnight work shifts and more. In addition, we require all clients in our structured Recovery Residences to engage in our Intensive Outpatient Substance Use Disorder program. This program is nine hours of therapeutic engagement per week including individual and group therapy, peer support services, community support, and custom-tailored treatment plans co-created by you and your therapist.
  • How long am I engaged in treatment with Crosswinds?
    Crosswinds is an integrated addiction program and requires treatment engagement for the entirety of your stay.
  • How long can I live in a Crosswinds Recovery House?
    Our program is wholly focused on helping you make a complete and successful transition back into the community. We have no set dates of discharge and have a Resident Services program designed to assist you with your transition. Graduation times may vary with an average range of stay anywhere from six to twelve months.
  • What types of services does the program provide?
    In addition to the residential and outpatient services outlined above, Crosswinds has developed relationships with several organizations, employers, agencies and volunteers to help our clients: secure good paying jobs, connect with support groups & recovery communities, establish mental health care, access spiritual guidance, enroll in education programs, apply for public assistance, find permanent housing and more.
  • What can I expect on my first day?
    A member of our team will introduce you to our program through a 90 minute orientation. We will work together to identify some of your needs and then set up a flexible schedule to help get you going. You’ll walk through the house, meet your new housemates and start to get settled in. We will schedule your initial appointment with one of our licensed clinical staff and complete your intake paperwork together.
  • What can I bring with me?
    Crosswinds provides your bed, bedding, furniture, kitchen items and other various household items. We do not provide food, toiletries, toilet paper, or any personal items; these are things we expect you to provide for yourself. You can bring your own personal items: clothing, hygiene items, personal effects, etc as long as it fits in the space provided to you by staff. Remember, Crosswinds is a communal living environment and your items, and presence, affect everyone you live with, please be respectful.
  • Will I be drug and alcohol tested?
    Yes, our clients are assessed weekly Urine Analysis (UA) screens provided at our treatment location. Random UAs can be administered on site at our Recovery Houses at staff discretion as well. UAs are observed by a member of Crosswinds staff of the same sex. If you are on supervision, your results will be reported to your Probation/Parole Officer.
  • What happens if I relapse?
    Crosswinds provides a program structure modeled upon abstinence-based recovery. Substance use is not tolerated in any of our Recovery Residences and may result in removal. With that being said, Crosswinds understands that recovery is difficult and complex. In the event of a self-reported lapse, Crosswinds’ clinical team will address each situation on a case-by-case basis with the safety and security of yourself and our other clients in mind. If you are on supervision, we will report to your Probation/Parole Officer, Treatment Court coordinator, or CFS caseworker.
  • Does Crosswinds accept people who are required to register as a violent or sexual offender?
    Yes, on a case-by-case basis, Crosswinds does accept violent and sexual offenders. We evaluate a person’s entire application, not just their criminal history.
  • Do I have to pay extra for utilities?
    No, water, power, garbage and wireless internet are all included in your program fee.
  • Can I have my cell phone?
    Yes, one of the first things we encourage all of our clients to do is get a cell phone, in fact you will need a smartphone to access our app and complete your curfew check-ins and group attendance requirements.
  • Can I have my dog or cat?
    We’re all animal lovers here at Crosswinds, but we also understand that not everyone else is. So, while you’re in the program we ask that you leave your dog or cat safely at home.

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