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People like you help keep our doors open and our services available to hundreds of men and women in our community. Your donation to Crosswinds Recovery, a non-profit agency, provides our clients the opportunity to start fresh and reunite with family, develop healthy relationships, and end the cycle of addiction one day at a time.

We're building a stronger, better Missoula

In response to the overwhelming need, Crosswinds Recovery will be opening two additional sober living homes in Missoula. But to accomplish this - we need you. 

Meet Brittany
Crosswinds resident since May 2021

Brittany works hard each day to overcome the stigmas associated with her past life: "addict", "probationer", "single mom." With help from peers, counselors, co-workers, friends and family, today Brittany is a full-time employee, a caring mother, a trusted friend and most importantly, sober. 


"Without Crosswinds, I wouldn't have the foundation I have now. Most likely, I would be living in another unhealthy environment, doing the same kind of behaviors and around the same people that I had in my life prior to my recovery."  - Brittany

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