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Pay It Forward

Real people, helping real people.

Building community is an essential part of our client's recovery. Strong, healthy relationships are often the difference between long-term, sustainable recovery and continuing the cycle of addiction. Our growing community of donors and volunteers support our clients in a variety of ways. Join us and match your strengths with their needs. 

Give Your Neighbor a Warm Welcome

Often, new residents enter our program with little more than a few small personal items and a desire to stay sober. Since most Crosswinds clients make their transition from inpatient treatment, incarceration or homelessness, many cannot afford to purchase even basic items they need to get going. 


You can help someone get off to a better start when you pay it forward by selecting one or more of the items below to donate -- welcome kits include items such as: sheets, blankets, pillows, toilet paper, personal hygiene products, laundry supplies and more.

Choose how you want your gift applied:

Thank you for making a difference!

Recovery Takes Community

Crosswinds Recovery is always looking for individuals willing and ready to help our clients and residents get back on their feet and on their way to becoming positive, productive and healthy members of our community. Whether it's by making a tax-deductible donation, donating household items to our structured recovery houses or by just spending time with our residents, we depend on the resources, strengths, and talents of our volunteer community.

Meet Bruce
Crosswinds volunteer since 2019 

For over two years Bruce has volunteered to support several of the men who have entered our program. His kind heart and willingness to listen to peoples’ stories have allowed him to create lasting relationships with the men he's mentored. Thank you Bruce, for the time and commitment you've made to the men at Crosswinds Recovery.

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